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When it comes to travel, Esteban and I are planners: Before every trip we peruse a stack of guide books from the library, study some history, and map out our logistics. Eight cities and three countries in one trip. WHAT WERE WE THINKING?! Although we still leave plenty of time for serendipity, planning helps us […]

All lathered up


HBlog has been quiet for a while, and with good reason: My husband Esteban and I have been traveling for the past month. I began keeping a diary of sorts in the weeks leading up to our trip. Here’s the second entry — with many more to come. Three weeks from today Esteban and I […]

While flipping through Budget Travel this morning, I came across a wonderful rundown of the latest tourist rip-offs. I was reminded to watch out for semi-trained monkeys that go after your valuables—and wild ones that may “borrow” your camera for a self-portrait. Photos: David J Slater/Caters, via I was also reminded that some scams […]