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It’s been a big day for weird news. First, we have the story about Microsoft “erasing” a black man from a photo on their Polish-language website. Wow—so awful, on so many levels. But at least they used Photoshop (badly) instead of their own cheesy WordArt, I guess. Then, there’s the bit about the Loch Ness […]

It’s been a big week for weird news. First, there was the guy whose Visa was charged over $23 quadrillion for a pack of cigarettes. Good thing he bought just one pack; imagine what he might have paid for a whole case. Then, there was the Crash of the Wienermobile into a home in Racine, […]

Today’s award for the weirdest achievement in genetic engineering goes to the scientists at the Central Institute for Experimental Animals in Kawasaki, Japan. Not only have they succeeded in breeding marmosets with fluorescent feet, but for the first time ever, a fluorescent mama marmoset has passed the trait on to her offspring. Experts say the […]