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Before visiting a new city Esteban and I usually read up on its history. But thanks to an overambitious itinerary, we knew little about Rouen when we arrived in September of 2015. Rouen was among Europe’s most prosperous and influential cities during the Middle Ages. Our first night was a blur (I’ll tell you about […]

One of my favorite things about blogging is connecting with other curious, creative people — especially when those people become real-life friends. I wrote about graphic artist Carolyn Porter last May after being deeply moved by the beautiful but heartbreaking story behind a font she designed. But I never imagined she would email me many […]

According to an eyewitness who survived the bombing, the residents of Freiburg never saw it coming. They had every reason to think they’d be spared: Their small city in the foothills of Germany’s Black Forest had no military installations, and it was not on the Allies’ target list. Plus, they knew that British Prime Minister […]

I had the unbelievable good fortune today to attend the fifth annual Sea Change conference at the University of Minnesota. I’ll write (much!) more about this inspiring event when I get permission to share some PowerPoint slides and republish a few photos. In the meantime, the story I can share pertains to one of the […]

Today, millions of families will gather in joyful celebration — but many will miss a loved one who is either absent or lost. For everyone out there who is celebrating a bitterwsweet holiday today, I offer the beautiful words of Camille Gage. Merry Christmas. A song to the stars in times of darkness Last Sunday […]

As a lifelong pacifist, part of me feels conflicted about observing Veterans Day. It seems misguided to celebrate war. Upon further reflection, though, I realize that it’s me who is misguided. As someone who has never feared an invasion or felt a dictator’s oppression, it’s easy for me to reduce war to a word. (“Horrible” […]