Why blog?

As a writer, I’ve always been intimidated by the concept of blogging. I’m not a particularly profound person, nor especially interesting. I’m not an expert on anything (although, after the 35W bridge collapse, I was misidentified as a “noted bridge expert”). So the idea of publishing my thoughts for mass consumption seemed, frankly, absurd.

Why, then, am I finally starting a blog?

For two reasons: First, because I love telling my family and friends about the ridiculous things I see, hear, and sometimes do. (Like my recent impulsive decision to sign up for a triathlon. So far, my longest run has been 1.75 miles. Or, as I prefer to measure it, 2,318 screams from my left knee.)

Secondly, I started this blog for my own convenience. Every time I go on a trip, or publish an article, or get quoted as a noted bridge expert, I spend hours emailing photos and clippings to my far-flung family and friends. I thought a blog would be much easier. For me, anyway.

So there it is: My first blog entry. Not profound, or even interesting — but there you have it.

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