Why are Americans so … ?

If my math is right, today marks the 236th anniversary of the United States’ declaration of independence.

I had intended to mark the occasion by taking portraits of 50 ordinary Americans going about their lives today. Like this guy, whom I met last year …

But when the temperature climbed to 100 degrees (38° Celsius) — which, with the humidity felt like 108 degrees (42° C) — my resolve quickly melted. “It’s better to do a project like this over the course of one year, not one day,” I rationalized.

So tune in on July 4 next year, when I will present the beautiful portraits of 50 ordinary Americans I have met on the street!

In the meantime, I offer this charming meditation from Google:

Why are Americans so … fat, lazy, stupid, ignorant, dumb, and stupid?

Because we’re stereotyped that way. Just as the Germans are stereotyped as cold, the French as arrogant, the Brits as stoic, and the Italians as sex-crazed Casanovas.

But here’s the truth: Regardless of our nationality, we are all human. Above all else, we all want to love — and to be loved. We want to express ourselves without the fear of retribution. We want our lives to have meaning and value. And we’re dependent on each other to make all of this happen.

I’ve discovered this first-hand through my travels. So it seems appropriate to post some photos of Germans who are caring, French who are warm, Brits who are sentimental, and Italians who are gentlemen. I’ll leave it up to you and your stereotypes to decide which is which.

Happy Interdependence Day!


  1. What an awesome idea… I can’t wait to see that when it’s completed! PS: The guy’s smile stole my heart as well… and he works for Whole Foods! 🙂 love it

  2. I’m glad to say I’ve known people from many cultures and walks of life and found those among them who are the complete opposite of the stereotype saddled to their background. Great post.
    Had to chuckle at the photo of your happyface American for the Whole Foods apron he’s wearing. When in Vancouver recently I learned they call it “Whole Paycheck.”

  3. Not surprised at all that you hit the nail on the head with this post, because you do it every time! I have the opportunity to be able to stay at home and work, so would everyone call me lazy? Or how about it when everyone calls a girl who has a tattoo on their back (above the pants line) and they call it a tramp stamp, so does this mean that all girls who have tattoos back there are tramps? I think not, cause I have one and I am not trampy! LOL Another great post and thanks for reminding everyone that you can’t judge a book by its cover, as there are many chapters to discover that would surprise you!

    • You’re so sweet, Val … thanks for your kind words. You’re going to give me a big head! 🙂 And good point about the “tramp stamps:” I used to have a thing against tattoos, until I realized that some of my favorite people are inked. (Yourself included!) Cheers to you from Minnesota!

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