Another thanks — to you

The words “thank you” can’t begin to convey my gratitude for the outpouring of support after my last post. I’m thrilled to report that Esteban is fully recovered and back to his daily routine. “This is the age of miracles and wonders,” as Paul Simon wrote.

Although it was distressing to spend so much time in the hospital last week, the long waits did inspire me to clean out the photos on my phone.

Most are snapshots of animals I’ve spotted during my morning walks. Like this fly that spotted me back …

Fly on a leaf IMG_6011 BLOG

… and this rabbit that wanted nothing to do with me.

Bunny IMG_6139 BLOG

On one particularly hot day I saw a cat so torpid it couldn’t even open its eyes …

Dozing cat IMG_6077 BLOG

… unlike this moth, which was studying me so intently it went cross-eyed.

Cross-eyed moth IMG_6180 DETAIL BLOG

One photo brought back my sadness in April as I took one last look at France …

Last bit of France IMG_5813 BLOG

… and my horror during another trip when I woke up covered in bedbugs. (On the plus side, I’m apparently now an expert in biting pests.)

Spot a bedbug IMG_5985 BLOG

In fact, I was surprised by how many screenshots I’d taken of news articles over the past year. Like this ambiguous subhead (was the shark snorkeling in the Bahamas?) …

Shark vacation in Bahamas IMG_5979 BLOG

… and this head-scratch-inducing photo. If anyone can explain the role Fluffernutter sandwiches played in World War I, I’d be grateful.

WWI Fluffernutter IMG_5508 BLOG

Well, that’s my attempt at changing the subject from health woes back to photos. Thank you again for your kind and buoying words over the past few days. I promise to come back soon with a few more stories from Esteban’s and my visit to Arles.

Esteban and Heide shadows Arles 1700634 BLOG


  1. Good to hear! But I don’t know about that last picture – you both look like shadows of your former selves. 😉

    And I don’t use the word “torpid” enough.

    • Thanks for the kind words! It really *was* scary — but it helped immensely that he was pretty unflappable through most of it. Still, I’d rather never have to do THAT again, thank you very much! 😉

  2. Such a lovely story told by your humorous pictures. So sorry to hear that Esteban had been poorly – but grateful that he is now on the mend. I’ll keep you all in my prayers. Thank you for sharing this post and for making me chuckle. All the very best to you both 🙏🏾😀

  3. Sorry to hear of the recent health woes, but glad that he’s fully recovered. A tough new days for you both.

    It’s amazing how pervasive the use of the camera phone is in our lives now. I take photos of internet articles, things I want to buy, and just things I see. I forget to delete them after a while. I probably should, but phone memories keep increasing in size so there’s no need to.

    • You’re so right that it’s mind-boggling how pervasive photos have become in our lives since the invention of the smart phone, Mr. Draco. Although it can be a pain sometimes scrolling through all those random images, it’s also kind of a fun “this is your life” inventory too, isn’t it.

      And thank you for your kind words … here’s to brighter days ahead, and to more photography! Cheers to you.

    • Purging the junk from my phone is an excellent distraction from all manner of troubles and tribulations, I find. 😉 Thank you for stopping by, dear Rochelle. xoxo

  4. I”m so happy to see this post and to share in your good news. And you cleaned out your phone album. Bonus points! It’s funny what we end up saving. Sorry to hear about the dreaded bed bugs. Ack! We saw a bunny on our walk the other day, but like your critter, it headed in the opposite direction leaving us in the dust. Big hugs to you and Estaban.

    • It is indeed funny what we end up saving, isn’t it. I was so proud of myself a few years ago for purging all unnecessary paper from my life, but it seems I’ve only replaced it with digital clutter. Which is OK, I suppose — because at least it’s easier to carry. 🙂 I’ll be back soon with the rest of the bedbug story, if only to pass on the “how to avoid bedbugs” tips to my blog friends. And what’s this about seeing a bunny on your walk? Just one?! Here they come in clumps; the other day I counted seven (SEVEN!) in a single yard. Talk about breeding like … rabbits! 😀 Well, thank you for stopping by and brightening my day with your sweet comment. Big hugs back to you, dear Alys!

      • We don’t see bunnies in our neighborhoods here. The squirrels dominate. When I do see them it’s on a hiking trail, and they’ve usually darted out form the brush. They are prolific, and clearly like the water in your neck of the woods. I look forward to the bed bug update…well sort of…well…yes. It’s for my own good.

        • Oh, the squirrels are ubiquitous here too, Alys — some mornings it sounds like Riverdance on our roof as they chase each other around. They are cute, but I’m still angry at them for taking a single bite out of every one of my tomatoes last summer. As for those bedbugs … well, maybe just skip to the “how to avoid” tips I’ll post at the bottom so you will never have a similar tale of woe.

          • A lovely thought, but given how easily I succumb to the siren song of gravity, it’s probably best to stay off my roof. 🙂

          • You have such a way with words, HB. Obviously I didn’t think this through. Keeping you safe is better than any video. And honestly, how many people arrive at the ER after making such attempts? xo

          • Having spent a couple of weekends in the ER with Esteban last month, I can tell you with some authority that a significant number of the “customers” were there because of accidents or ill-conceived ideas (like trying to carry a bookcase on a moped, for instance). But don’t you worry about me; I don’t think I could even manage to wrangle our tall ladder out of the shed, so there’s little risk of my succeeding in getting onto the roof (or falling off). Still … you’ve got me thinking about the wealth I could amass with a Squirrel Riverdance video. Perhaps it’s time to invest in a drone. Because what could possibly go wrong with THAT plan? Ha ha.

          • “Carrying a bookcase on a moped.” That’s one I never would have thought of. I’ve had my own mishaps, enough to learn my limits. I’m always in too much of a hurry which leads to head-knocks, bruised shins, and yes, once a trip to the ER when I slipped on the recently-dripped bath water from my then three year old. I cracked open the back of my head on the only tile step in our house at the time (now gone due to a remodel). One CAT scan and a few staples later, I was back at home, hurting and humbled and swearing to slow down in the future.

            Ah yes, a drone. Yet another technology with an upside…and a downside. Ha ha.

          • Ooooh. Cracking open the back of your noggin sounds extremely painful, Alys! And scary too, given how profusely those scalp injuries can bleed. I’m glad you emerged from the episode unscathed, and that the offending step is now gone. Plus, you learned the lesson to slow down! It’s sobering to thing of how many accidents we could avoid if only we were more mindful …

  5. Yay I am so happy that he is better! I love your positive outlook. Pictures always have a knack of cheering us up even if it is just a little bit and I loved these of all the animals! I will continue to send you all dealign vibes! ❤

  6. Brilliant post, as usual. I need to hire you one day. We definitely have to talk, if only you could find time in your diary (please note that I’ll disappear for a fortnight starting Saturday, back on Aug 16).

    • Thank you for your kind words, Yann. I would love to talk further … look for a message from me elsewhere! 🙂

  7. Torpid is a word I don’t hear very often…thank you for bringing it back, and with a lovely cat as well! I really like the last shot, shadows of you two ranging tall across the city! 😀

    • I love the word “torpid,” Jeff — for whatever reason I love the sound of it. Tohr-pihd. Just saying it makes me feel like taking a nap! I’m glad you enjoyed the photos too. I’ll throw another cat or two for you into the next post. 🙂

  8. Just love your writing! Warmth and genuineness abound, making one feel the familiarity that happens when talking with a friend. Thanks for these peeks into your world.

    • What an incredibly kind comment, Carrie — I feel like I’ve just rolled in writers’ catnip! 🙂 Thank you so much; you’ve made my WEEK.

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