A blog a day …

Committing to blog every day has had some unexpected side effects. My favorite is that my daily posting habit is becoming a daily reading habit, too.

Some of my recent faves include a hilarious e-How takeoff on how to be funny. (The only thing that was lacking was any mention of falling down. I fall down all the time, and people always laugh.)

Then there’s the blogger who is chronicling her gradual non-attachment. I must admit there’s something appealing about throwing something away every day.

I laughed several times as I read a very “interesting” and “insightful” post on the unintentionally ironic use of quotation marks. “Hilarious!”

Then, I got a huge kick out of reading about a recent beard-and-moustache competition. If only I could grow such lush, thick facial hair! Oh, well … maybe after menopause.

But of all the blogs I’ve happened across so far, Jim Grey’s has touched me most. His post about a broken cup was typical of his thoughtful, insightful writing.

Have you discovered any great blogs lately? Drop me a note.

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